Friday, 26 November 2010

The Seven Wonders.

Marilyn Monroe said "I don't know who invented the high heel, but all men owe him a lot."

Bette Midler said "Give the girl the correct footwear, and she can conquer the world."

Karl Lagerfeld said, simply, "Oh yes, I do love to do shoes. I am not a fetishist, but I love to do shoes."

Shoes. Fascinating, aren't they?
We wear them almost every day of our lives, from cradle to coffin.
They don't discriminate against size and shape, but heels possess the ability to transform any pair of legs.
Countless women all over the world are willing to spend hundreds of pounds on just one pair.

And I admit, shoes are my vice.
I just love the way I feel so much better about myself and so much more confident when I'm wearing amazing shoes. I love to be tall. I love the way shoes can completely change an outfit. And I love the way that it is difficult for designers to come up with fresh, new ideas for clothing, but with shoes the possibilities seem to be endless. There is so much that hasn't been done yet.

A few months ago I cleared all the books from the bookshelves in my room to create... "shoeshelves".
Evidently, I love shoes. Too much.

So, I thought I share with you my current seven favourite pairs...

The I-was-broke-but-they-were-pink-and-on-sale Shoes.
My most recent shoe purchase. I was in Topshop and I saw them and it turned out that they were the only pair left in my size. So of course all rational thought disappeared and the fact that I had no money ceased to matter. I asked them to hold them at the till while I called my mum and begged her to transfer the money to my account, I'd pay her back later, it was really important.

The Designer Collaboration Shoes.
The Christopher Kane/ Topshop collaboration was one of the most exciting and highly anticipated and, of course, I thought the boots were the best bit. Plus, as far as I know they are my highest pair of heels. I feel like a GIANT when I wear them. It's great.
The only annoying thing is those tassels which I'll have to replace. You just look at them, and the leather strips fall out. Serious design fault, Mr Kane.

The Summer Shoes.
I don't really have any excuse or explanation for buying these, only that I love them and I needed some summer heels. And they make me feel like I have hooves. 

The Vintage Shoes.
I found these vintage DMs on Ebay fairly recently, and I think they are the best vintage item I've ever bought (so happy I set my alarm and got up extra early to bid, yes the shoe problem is that serious). I couldn't help giving you a little close-up of the gorgeous print, I've personally never seen any the same. Apparently the person I bought them from bought them while at art school here in London in the 80s, but they are in absolutely perfect condition. They're my first pair of Doc Marten's and they are so very perfect for me, being so resilient, as I notoriously destroy boots by wearing them to death.

The Shoes That I Fought For.
These are not so much a favourite pair, though they are definitely attractively preppy and chunky, but more a pair that I feel are significant and have earned their place on this list. They are in fact my school shoes, but when I first bought them I was told that they were "too fashionable for school". Of course indignation and general outrage followed, as I was not exactly aware that being fashionable was against school rules... But after weeks of e-mailing and arguing and defending them, I won. 
I think that's dedication :)

The Break-up Shoes.
There's not a lot to explain really - my boyfriend broke up with me and so I went out and spent over £100 on a pair of shoes. I would just like to say I have never found a way of making myself feel more content more quickly. 
They are beautifully warm and just generally heavenly.
But I'd like to apologise for how dirty they are, I wore them to my halloween-slash-birthday party where I dressed as a slutty fox (yes, I know) and it rained and there was a sea of mud in my kitchen. 

The Shoes That Soldier On.
I mentioned above my habit for destroying boots, but I think my Aztec boots have suffered the most. I photographed them in my bed because they find it a little difficult to stand up other wise. They are missing a strap, a buckle, the backs are totally collapsed, the lining is ripped to pieces and they have been re-heeled more times than I can count. They are my walking wounded shoes. But I still wear them more than the majority of my other shoes.
True love never dies.

I don't think anyone will ever be able to truly explain shoe phenomenon, but personally I think Manolo Blahnik puts it best:

"You put high heels on and you change"

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