Friday, 25 March 2011

Inspiration Friday: I love you more than being seventeen, in the evening sun.

Sources: Foam Magazine, Numéro, 10 Magazine, Amica, Pop,

My Inspiration Friday is very simple this week - sunshine.
There was so much of it today and it just put me in such a unceasingly brilliant mood. It wasn't uncomfortably hot, but just the right temperature to drink iced coffee and wear sun glasses and lie on the grass on Wimbledon common. There isn't much else to say on the matter, except that it has got me looking for the ultimate giant, floppy sunhat.

All I can think about is summer, and I hate summer. I conclude that this will be a short-lived phase, so I will enjoy it whilst it lasts.

P.s. I do realise that it will probably rain tomorrow, such is England.

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