Sunday, 15 January 2012

In one year and out the other.

Happy New Year! 

Even if it is the 15th of January. Not one to break with tradition, even my "Happy New Year" to all of you is late. And it's been a while, hasn't it? Maybe "a while" is too mild a description of four and a half months devoid of posts... can you guess what my resolution is?

But despite this long period of silence, in the last few months I've had more people come to look at this blog than ever before, so I figure I'd better give you something to look at. I won't waste time with the usual "sorry I'm so useless and unreliable", I'll just get right on with letting you know what's been going on. Which really isn't very much at all.

I suppose the only really significant thing that has happened is that in September I started sixth form, which it turns out is a real time-suck, and where I am now studying Art and Design (Fine Art), Art and Design (Textiles), French and English Literature. I am really enjoying all of my courses and feel that I have made the right decisions, despite having to give up some more academic subjects which I used to love. I like the freedom of being in sixth form, as well as the direction that only doing my chosen subjects gives me, and am just about managing to keep up with the increased workload. That being said, I do have school tomorrow and I have tons of work I should be doing right now. I highly doubt time management and organisation are ever going to be my strong points.

Oh, and I turned 17.

In other news, my hair has gone from my natural very dark brown...

To bright purple (thanks to the wonderful people at Bleach London)...

To.. well I'm not entirely sure what colour this is...

To very pale blonde..

There are lots of other places I've been and things I've done (and clothes I've bought), but I think I'll give the interesting ones posts of their own.

 I mostly just wanted to say that it's lovely to be back and thank you, because I still find it inexplicable that anyone looks at this at all, and I will be posting very soon!

Lily. x

P.s. I have a few plans for upcoming posts (including, hopefully, more outfit posts!), but let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions, I don't want to unknowingly bore everyone with my rambling. It would be nice to know what you want to hear about. 

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